A-Frame suspension – the upper and lower A-frames are painted but a unique design.  The outer end about 4’ to 6” back is not painted, just bare metal where the ball joint is located.  The top A-frame comes original with a ball joint that has rivets to secure it to the A-frame.  Because these are riveted in with hot rivets the A-frame is dipped in semi-glass paint everywhere except where the ball joint is located.  Note the picture.  The bottom ball joint is pressed in but still has the bare area on the A-frame that matches the top A-frame pattern of paint.  They too are dipped in the semi-gloss up to the ball-joint area. Coil springs are not painted, front and rear shocks are semi-gloss black.  Rear leaf springs are not painted or oiled.  The rear springs are 3 leaf with a 6” spacer where the rubber cushion is installed.  The rear end has a stabilizer bar with the 3 leaf set-up on the 81Z.  No paint on the bar, front or back.



Above: View underneath an original A Frame.


Above: View which includes upper and lower A frames, as well as coil spring and shock. An original unrestored 81Z.


Above: Restored right front suspension.

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