The shocks inside the coil springs and on the rear of the car were painted semi-black and were the spiral design shocks.  The front shocks are date coded, but since 1981 was the last year spiral shocks were used, you may not find any with the 1981 year code. All of the original (1981) cars viewed to date have been found with shocks that included the 1980 date code. This appears to reinforce the idea that no (or at least very few) new shocks were produced in 1981.  The last date code I have seen on any 81 shock is 325-80.  The front shocks on an 81Z will have the letters UV on them.  The rear shocks will have a UW tag on them.  The front shocks number can be one of three:  first number that GM used on Z28’s was: front 22012623, also used was 22012192, the other number you might find on the front shocks is 22012621.  These numbers can be confirmed in the 1981 Camaro assembly manual.  The rear shocks also have three different numbers that were used: 22012492; 22012624; 22012622, these are also is in the assembly manual.   A variety of new reproduction shocks are available, but none of them are exactly correct in appearance.


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The photo of the unmounted shock is a correctly numbered and lableled front shock for a 1981 Z28 Camaro.


The above photo is an original right rear shock. Note the white sticker on the upper housing with the letters "UW".

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