The radiator hoses are another example of GM Restoration Parts that differ in appearance from the original.  Notice the pictures of radiator hoses to see the difference in original and GM replacement hoses.  The original part number for the upper radiator hose is 14013520JS; this is the correct one for both the 350 engine and the 305 engine. The photo on the lower left represents the top driver's side connection of an original radiator hose and clamp. This is one of the first items we often inspect when someone declares their car "All Original". Note the yellow stripe on the hose and GM numbers. This is the only hose that was placed on a 1981 Z28 Camaro and if you do not have this exact hose, your hose is not original. Note that the original tower clamp is often missing also. This one is shown in the correct "Turned down" position as shown in the 1981 Assembly manual. The photo on the lower right is an original 1981 Z28 radiator hose, and connection at the thermostat housing on the block. Note the yellow stripe, and also note the correct tower clamp turned "Up" as described in the assembly manual. An original hose has two different diameters, the end that connects to the radiator is smaller than the end which connects to the thermostat. An original hose also has more overall curvature as part of its perfect fit to the car. Note the photo below which shows an original hose laid beside a reproduction or replacement hose.


Original Radiator Hose GM Number
Original Radiator Hose GM Number

Photo above: Original Radiator Hose with correct GM Number.


Photo above: Example of a Restoration/Reproduction hose which does not match original.


Photo above: Example of a restoration/reproduction hose that does not match original.
Photo below: An original hose (lower) beside a typical reproduction/replacement hose (upper). Note that the reproduction hose does not have the unique curvature required for the custom fit of the original hose. The original hose has a customized larger opening on one end which exactly fits the thermostat housing, and also a smaller opening on the radiator connection end. Reproduction hoses have the same diameter on each end and must be adapted in order to make their respective connections.




The two photos above demonstrate the large end and the small end of an original radiator hose. The small end connects to the radiator while the large end connects to the thermostat. A reproduction hose (which incorrectly has the same size diameter on each end) is placed beside the original for reference.

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