This website provides information and resources on the restoration and preservation of 2nd Generation Camaros, with a specific focus on 1981 Z28 Camaros. 1981 was a unique year for the Camaro, as the transition to 3rd generation resulted in many unique features in 1981, most of which are unknown to the general Camaro enthusiast. Support and research on this site is provided by Joe Dunlap, a long-time restorer of 1981 Camaros. Joe's restoration of a 1981 Bright Yellow Z28 Camaro resulted in the first 1981 Camaro ever accepted into concourse level judging at the Camaro Nationals hosted by the American Camaro Association in Carlisle, PA. Joe has spent a lifetime restoring antique automobiles, with the last ten years focused on researching and restoring 1981 Camaros. Please feel free to contact him at the email below if you have any questions or comments.

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This site is dedicated to providing information and resources that have been discovered through thousands of hours of hands-on restoration and observation of 1981 Camaros.


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